SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette 2014

You’re probably already familiar with the SmokeStik brand – at least if you’ve been keeping tabs on the e-cigarette world (and even if you don’t think you are… as probably the most classic celebrity moment in ecig history was none other than this product line when Katherine Heigel sprung her new little best friend on the Letterman show and even he gave it a puff!).

That’s the electronic cigarette that can get you your daily dose of nicotine, along with all the satisfaction in the ritual of smoking and pleasure of a traditional cigarette; without all the harmful stuff like carbon monoxide, tar, and dozens of other chemicals. These are so popular you might have even caught Katherine Heigl smoking one on the Late Show with David Letterman!

Check Out The Latest Up To Date popular SmokeStik kits that gives you everything you need to start Vaping With The Brand Celebs and Those Who Appreciate Attention To Quality Prefer!

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Smokestik Is Classy and Well Built In A Way No Other MINI E-Cigarette To Date Has Matched

Smokestik Is Classy and Well Built In A Way No Other MINI E-Cigarette To Date Has Matched

Now, the SmokeStik brand has been one of my favorite electronic cigarette brands for years. So you can only guess how excited I was when I heard about them releasing a new kit just in time for the holidays: the MaxxQ Starter Kit. However, as big of a fan that I am of the brand, I am always skeptical when anything new is released. SmokeStik never let me down in the past, but I consider myself a bit of a critic, and I always have to find out for myself. I immediately went to to order the kit. And after giving it a go, I wanted to let you know what I thought of my experience.


smokestik packaging is just a prelude to the impressiveness inside - and both are well above average

smokestik packaging is just a prelude to the impressiveness inside – and both are well above average
Save With Our SmokeStik Coupon Code Instantly - VAPEOFF for everday savings, no surprises or annoying restrictions

Save With Our SmokeStik Coupon Code Instantly – VAPEOFF for everday savings, no surprises or annoying restrictions

For this Smokestik Review – To begin with, let me tell you SmokeStik is a company whose customer service impresses quickly. This is so often overlooked and such an important plus

I’ve never seen an item out of stock, and if I ever have a cause to email them, they get back to me within hours. This time, all I had to do was order (their process couldn’t be simpler), and I had the package at my house just four days later! I can’t think of an item that I’ve ever gotten that quickly.

I was excited enough just to get my order so soon, but seeing the package got me even more excited. The package was almost all black, with a silver streak going across it. If James Bond ordered electronic cigarettes, this is the packaging it would come in. I had it opened up as soon as I got it inside, and saw two unbelievably cool looking electronic cigarette batteries. The red tip looks incredible atop the solid black battery. I couldn’t wait to see if they performed as well as they looked.

Right off the bat, probably the most important thing anyone looks for in an electronic cigarette is how it feels and tastes.

That is, the quality of the vapor production, and the flavors available.

Vapor wise, I couldn’t be happier. Like all other SmokeStiks I’ve used, this one gives me great big puffs every time. I can fill my lungs and get every sensation that I would want from a cigarette. SmokeStik has figured out how to make a great electronic cigarette, and they keep delivering that quality to their customers.


save at smokestik and learn more about their products on offer right now

save at smokestik and learn more about their products on offer right now

For the flavors, I am almost as happy as I can be. Originally, SmokeStik used to only offer Tobacco or Menthol, which many customers (myself included) weren’t particularly thrilled about. But like a great company, they listened and brought out four new flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Cappuccino. Still not a wide selection, I know. But I can happily say that all of the flavors taste amazing. Better a few great flavors than a ton of awful flavors.

_0004_SmokeStikOnce I know that I actually like (or better yet, love!) the feel and taste of the product, I have to give it the old endurance test: battery life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used or heard about people going through their ecigarette battery with 30 minutes of light use – this is a problem to this day with some of the biggest brands out there – blu i’m looking at you! FIN, and many others are bad news….

Thankfully, that’s not the case with SmokeStik. I got this thing to go easily over three hours of real, moderately heavy usage, and it still wasn’t dead! That might not sound like much but in the REAL no bs world of good mini ecigs (ie ones that aren’t the size of a flashlight) that is impressive – as I tend to more or less chain vape, a typical user will likely get more mileage – though as with ALL cases I recommend a minimum of 2 batteries if possible… you never like to wait for charging to be able to vape.

… though good news still in that department, charging seems fast and efficient (there is no question expenses haven’t been spared with this brand – the manufacturing is top notch and exceeds even what I consider good in many other brands – not only does that mean it works better now but will last a lot longer before needing bigger replacement items too – plus it just looks darn cool to have quality and feel it – you know when you’re wearing a rolex).


I suppose the main reason to order the kit, as opposed to just the electronic cigarette, is because of the accessories it comes with. SmokeStik may not have as big a selection as a brand like V2 Cigs, but they still don’t fail to impress. Included in the SmokeStik MaxxQ kit is a USB charger, an AC/USB adapter, a car/USB adapter, an XL black carry case, and a manual to make sure everything is crystal clear. With all that, you’ll never have reason to be without a charged, ready to go electronic cigarette.

Smoke Free Smoking with SmokeStik E Cigarette


It’s hard to ask for much more from an electronic cigarette kit.

The SmokeStik MaxxQ Starter Kit gets you everything you need, and makes for a wonderful holiday gift. No more nasty chemicals in your lungs. No more smoky smells chasing people away. And finally, no more being forced to stand in the snow just so you can get your nicotine dose while everyone else waits inside. This starter kit is what every smoker is looking for.





Though it is written on every cigarette packet that smoking is injurious to health, the graph of smokers has been doubling or tripling over the recent years.

But by the introduction of electronic cigarettes, there has become a considerable decrease in the patients suffering from cancer or liver disorders developed due to smoking.

These new kind of SmokeStiks simulates or resembles tobacco smoking by giving an illusion of the same kind of inhaled mist, nicotine contend and the flavor, which are normally the favorites of all smokers in general. This new version, which is popularly known as e-cigarette is basically, an electrical device that uses heat or sometimes ultrasonic that vaporizes glycerin based solution into aerosol mist.

The primary and most important use of SmokeStik is the gradual decrease of smoking sensation. If the same feeling and enjoyment of smoking is generated by this new form, it is definitely better and safe to use e-cigarettes instead of using the harmful tobacco, which can kill a healthy man day by day, inch by inch!